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Services Provided

Attentive Therapist
Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions
Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Individual Therapy

Individual in-person therapy is the classic in office therapy where we can get comfortable in my cozy space and work together to talk about you!

Individual Virtual Therapy

Individual therapy provided through a virtual setting so you are able to access services from the comfort of your home.

Walk & Talk Therapy

I provide walk and talk sessions, which is exactly how it sounds! If you'd like to come and move your body while accessing some support, come see me!

So what does the process look like?

It is important for the process of therapy that you come on a consistent schedule; either weekly or bi-weekly.  This is the best way to ensure you achieve success in therapy. 

Individuals that I work with move through therapy for a minimum of 6 months.  The journey of therapy is ever-evolving and what you need continues to change as you grow as an individual. 

We start therapy by building a relationship, just like anywhere else in your life!  

We will work together so you feel safe to explore self-regulation strategies and process trauma together. It is important to do this is an environment that feels safe.


I understand that each person has their own unique experiences. We will build an individual, ever evolving plan together.


Some of the things we will do include:

  • explore ways to regulate your body 

  • develop a stronger self-worth

  • feel validated in your experiences

  • celebrate small moments of empowerment

  • process trauma and grief

  • set boundaries with yourself and within relationships

  • challenge negative belief systems

  • better understand current responses to situations

  • learn self-regulation skills

  • teach our bodies to feel physically and emotionally safe

  • learn to utilize self compassion

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