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My name is Alex and my pronouns are she/her!  I am a Registered Psychotherapist and currently reside in Wallaceburg, ON and practice out of Sarnia, ON.  I am a feminist therapist, anti-diet, actively pro-choice, anti-racist, LGBTQ+ allied and am passionate about authoritative parenting. I absolutely love having the opportunity to work with many different people and being an integral part of the exploration and healing journey that individuals go through.  It is a great privilege of mine to play a small part.  

My Approach

A little bit more about me and my approach to therapy. 

The first career love of my life has been working with young children and youth.  I completed my BAH in psychology with a large focus on child development and the impact this has on us for the entirety of our lives.  I bring this with me into my practice as a psychotherapist.  I also have training as a full spectrum doula which has provided me a raw view of the experience of pregnancy, loss, and life giving – both the beautiful and the exceptionally difficult.  I completed a Masters of Counselling Psychology and am a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist. I am currently continuing to further my education in Perinatal Mental Health certification.  

I believe each individual should have the space to express themselves without judgement.  Each individual deserves to feel heard, understood and validated in their experiences.  I utilize techniques in therapy that allow you to feel validated, while also challenging the narratives and behaviors that keep you in a difficult space.  We work together to process the difficulties that this may bring up, and create understanding and compassion for ourselves during this process. Diving into understanding ourselves and the relationships we have with our family and early experiences is the core of the work we will do.  

I believe therapy is a long term process, especially when it comes to trauma.  This doesn't always mean it has to be continuous, but rather our growth is ever evolving.  I always feel blessed to be part of this process with each person.  


If you are interested in learning more or booking a session, send me an e-mail or book a session!

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